Weekly DOH Thrift Store Updates

     That moment when I’m reading scripture, and something hits me hard. Rather than searching frantically trying to make sure I have lined up to the truth that God has just shown me, I will stop reading and repent before God. Realizing that I cannot live that truth out, and that is why it hit me. That’s why it felt so intimidating. As a human I can’t live up to it. In my flesh there is no way to live it out. But Jesus Christ can live that truth out IN ME, because HE IS TRUTH! So repent of TRYING and ask Jesus Christ to live out that truth through you. After all the mystery of the Gospel is “Christ IN YOU, the HOPE of GLORY!!”. 


God has shown us here at the Thrift store His goodness in so many ways in the past month, that as I take a few minutes on this Saturday afternoon to reflect, I am overwhelmed.  As I put my nose to the grind stone day after day it seems that all I see is our needs. So a few moments to reflect is very refreshing. 

This time last month we were feeling a bit of pressure wondering what we are going to do for furniture and household items. At the beginning of this month Leon mentioned to me that we need to start praying into the need. I whispered a prayer as I continued working (excuse me a minute. The doorbell just rang. That means that someone is here with some donations. Household items perhaps.) Household items it was! Praise the Lord! :) As I was saying, I whispered a prayer and continued to work. Not an hour later the doorbell rings and we find a nice car load of household items just waiting to be claimed. And that is the way that it has been all month. The shelves that we place the items on to wait for cleaning and pricing have never emptied. There are days that they start looking pretty bare, but without fail God fills them up. And the same way with the furniture, we always have what we need. WOW! What a GOD! 

God Bless each of you for your prayers and support! ~Luke~

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