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Psalms 61:1-4

Often in life, it is too easy not to trust God. We say we do, but when life’s struggles and pains come our way.. where do we turn? When times of heartache and grief come, do we instantly begin to worry? Do we take our problems to friends or family? Do we try to distract ourselves with other materialistic things? Or do we take all the hurts and fears, all insecurities and shortcomings, every piece of who we are and every trial in our journey and trust God to protect our hearts? Instead of putting our absolute complete trust in our all-powerful God, we often take our problems into our own hands and try to fix them with our weak human capabilities. We work out of past hurts, the moments that have changed our lives forever by cutting us in the deepest places of our hearts. Whether it was a major life altering event or the slow wear of harsh words, everyone has been changed and broken in some form. We hold our hearts as closely to ourselves, so as to “protect” ourselves from more pain, hurt, and disappointment. Unfortunately, the closer we try to hold ourselves together the more we fall apart. Our God is beckoning us to release control, to be vulnerable with Him, and to trust Him with all we consider ugly or broken. He is asking us to believe in His unfailing, all-consuming love for us. He wants us to be so captivated in who He is that we can say without a doubt that He is our Everything, our Protector, our Healer; He is all we need.

~Keisha Burkholder

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