Weekly DOH Thrift Store Update

Greetings from the thrifties!
     We are very excited to introduce to you our newest member at the thrift store. Luke Massey and his beautiful family (Victoria and Kamden) have come on board the Door of Hope family! 

     In honor of Independence Day, we (Luke, Patti, Keisha, and I) wrote a essay on what freedom means to us as individuals. This week will be Luke’s and Patti’s and next week will be Keisha’s and my own. 

What does freedom mean to you? When I was little my Dad use to say, “Freedom is a means to an end, not an end in and of itself.”

Our Country has experienced freedom in many ways. Being freed from England’s gripping rule and freedom from slavery, to name a few. We herald our freedom from the roof tops. “We are free!” “We are free!” we chant. Yet are you truly free? Have you found freedom in your own life?

For me freedom is physically, emotionally and spiritually breaking off chains.To step out in the liberty of His light. To act, speak and think as He wants without the restraint of Satan’s lies and fears holding me down. I no longer hide in fear from people. I don’t carry the baggage of guilt. I don’t feel ashamed for who I am. 

Christ’s freedom is not the end…. ’tis only the beginning of the journey. 


Freedom is Surrender. You remember how it was when you were a child. Your parents made a rule that said you were not allowed to… (Fill in the blank). When you ears the words, in your mind you protested. You felt like they were binding you. Restricting your territory. You were convinced that if you could just do “that thing” you would feel free.   So you “did that”. You weren’t going to be restricted. From that moment on you were looking over your shoulder afraid that someone had found out, and you were going to be punished. Slowly you closed yourself into a corner shutting others out of your life. After all, it wasn’t safe to be open with others and share your life with them. What if they “found out”?    Now who was restricting your territory? 

    Maybe as a teen or adult you failed. But you are afraid of what people will think so you don’t confess. You once again slowly withdraw.   Again. Who is binding you?  Our humanity screams for freedom. God created is with the ability to choose, and we believe that as long as we can choose what “we want” we are free. 

     When Lucifer chose “Freedom”, he was cast out of heaven and bound for all eternity. When Eve chose to hear Satan’s words, she suddenly saw God’s words as restrictions. And because of that she was no longer “free to eat of all of the other trees” but felt bound to reach out and eat of the “one tree”. Ever since then humanity lives under the lie that got Satan cast out of heaven. That lie is “I will choose for myself so I can have freedom.” 

     Jesus said, “Come to me. Be yoked to me… Learn of me, and you shall find rest unto your souls.” In my own words, “Come to me, surrender your life to me. Learn from me how to walk in my kingdom for my purposes, instead if trying to ‘walk in my kingdom for your benefit’, an you will be meek and lowly (surrendered) in heart, and you shall find rest unto your souls.” 

     John 8:36 “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” 

     If we want Jesus to “make us free” we must be yoked to Him. Lay aside our thoughts, ideas, and notions about God and His kingdom and surrender our mind, will, and emotions to the King himself so He can teach us His ways and purposes. 

     You were created by Him for His purpose and His glory. The only way to be free is to surrender your entire being to Him and His design for you. -Luke Massey

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