Somedays seem long and tiresome. They drain you of the bubbling joy that is usually found in the small things God places in our lives. Those days you get frustrated and angry. Others suffer at the expense of your weariness. These days are not God’s plan for us. They are a result of our attempts to accomplish work, projects, and life in general on our own. They our an outward symbol or our complete and utter failure…..

But than there are some days that defy the weariness. They are happy and enjoyable. Somehow every detail falls into place the way we imagined and we become light hearted. We smile bigger and love more freely.¬†Most people¬†expectantly wake up each morning, knowing the day could fall either way and cross their fingers for that good, enjoyable day. They are surprised by the happiness they find on the days that we call good…

And finally there is everyday. The day the Lord has made. Because no matter if I wake up to a “good” or “bad” day, I have a Father in heaven who looks down on me with a smile. He rejoices in my life. He loves the thing I do. He has only good plans in store for me. Why do a fall onto the emotional rollercoaster that makes my life an up and down storm? I should be constantly resting in the power of Jesus Christ. His goodness outshines my own opinions about any event or curcumstance that alters my life. It is so easy to make the day about me. Today I challenge you to remember that it is not about how the day feels to you, It is about a God who loves you EVERYDAY no matter what kind of day it apperas to be.

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