DOH Weekly Thrift Store Update

A Tribute to “the Man”

L-loyal, leader, load lightener, lively

E-energetic, effervescent, ever so gracious

O-ornery, outstanding, open, observant

N-nice, noble, noteworthy

Y-young, youngish, youngster, youthful

O-open-hearted, optimistic, original 

D-discerning, diligent, dreamer, dandy

E-eager, earnest, enthusiastic

R-ridiculously silly, rare, rejoicing, respectful

Manager: a donut buying (except on national donut day), silly dancing and giggling, generous, spirited, mighty man of valor. 

          Today, we would like to brag on our extraordinary manager, Leon Yoder. We have been so blessed to have him and his beautiful family placed into our lives as we serve at Door of Hope. Leon has shown us the character of Jesus in many different ways. He is selfless, caring, and kind. He is always ready to help in many different ways, whether its carrying something heavy, killing a GIANT bug, or enduring our “humor” (you know what’s amazing.. the top of a blueberry muffin, Oh! and your face). Leon’s excitement over the simplest things keeps our store’s morale up and the dancing that is normally included keeps our hearts laughing. Not only have we seen Leon grow into more of who Jesus is calling him to be, but he has also helped and encouraged us to shine our light even in the difficult times. 

~Rachel, Keisha, and Patricia

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