Weekly DOH Thrift Store Update

“Many hands make light work.” We have definitely found this saying to be true at the thrift store this week! On Tuesday quite a few people from Foothills Community Chapel came and did a lot of cleaning as well as helped to process donations. There were some youth guys along as well, they helped Leon with furniture and other random things. :) We are extremely grateful for everything that was accomplished. In the back on the other side of the wooden pallet doors we have a collection of stick figures drawn with a sharpie. Each of the volunteers if they want, can draw themselves. We have quite a few additions. :) Another exciting thing that happened this week was a thunder storn with some hail. It just so happened that a customer that had bought a fiberglass shower/bathtub decided to pick up their purchase, in the middle of the storm. Leon, our manager (and only man) had left just a few hours earlier due to a board meeting and other important responsibilities. This means that there were only girls to load it. The two ladies that came to pick it up were very helpful (they probably could have done it on there own, They were quite strong older ladies). I was amazed! By the time we were finished, we were all nicely soaked from the rain. :) ~Rachel


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