Weekly DOH Thrift Store Update

Arachnophobia… the phobia of spiders (ours isn’t a phobia, just a great dislike). This is the story of the spider that tried to introduce itself to Keisha and I (Rachel). Thursday started out as any other day at the thrift store. Keisha and I were hanging up clothing, replenishing the racks out in the store. We had already taken one rack out, this was our second. Having taken a few articles of clothing off and put them in their place, I reached for the next pair of pants, and then stopped short, for there (most likely looking at me) was a SPIDER. It was black and furry, a good sized quarter. I let out a little scream and Keisha asked what it was, I quickly showed her, and we both backed away very fast, calling for Patti (who was at register) to come and rescue us. Patti asked us what was wrong and told us to stop shrieking. She came and I pointed out which pair of pants it was on, she wiggled them a little and there it was! Keisha and I screamed and held onto each other (it was frightening). Somehow, the spider disappeared (it was a speedy little fellow). This particular rack took a little longer to put out, as neither Keisha or I wanted to meet him again! We carefully shook each piece of clothing out. To a certain degree, we wanted to find him, simply because then Patti could kill him, however, he was not found, and could still be alive (unless our shrieks killed him).  ~Rachel 



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