Weekly Thrift Store Update


            Our current residency is a cabin located in Columbus, North Carolina. In our particular neck of the woods, there once lived a friendly cat whom we (Keisha and Rachel) entitled Chester. The gender of this particular cat still remains unknown, but not without attempt or attacks which lead to scratches. Chester was a brave cat. Conquering many roofs, window ledges, flower boxes, and doors simply to creepily stare through any glass object (including the skylight)  to watch unsuspecting families. One of his favorite pastimes was drinking milk; he would often come to our cabin and sit  outside the door pitifully meowing until his thirst for cuddles and milk was quenched. He had a happy life and enjoyed his random car rides until one sad day in March.. (cue suspenseful music)… Chester was KIDNAPPED! We quickly noticed his absence with the sudden lack of crying outside our door in the evening and the missing companionship when taking a phone call outside. We were hurt and feeling deserted. In our minds, Chester had left us, but THEN we had a suspicion, for there was someone who did not feel the fluffy feelings in their heart when they saw our furry, loving friend skittering across the drive. After further questing Leon, Maria, and ourselves (Rachel and Keisha) discovered the whereabouts of our dear Chester… It was one sunny day, and Chester thought this person (to be left unnamed)  was at last showing him some love and attention and taking him for a drive. Little did he know, that would be the last time he would take a ride with one of our wonderful, amazing thrifties. Like most times in life, the story does not end there. Chester now lives in a new home far, Far, FAR away  in Virginia. We have told you  all of this not only to commemorate the life that he shared us, but to also inform you that we now have a Chester Jr.!! Chester Jr. is a lively little fellow that is approximately nine inches long including his tail. As ironic as this may seem, considering Chester was a cat, Chester Jr. is a battery operated  mouse who lives at our store. Occasionally, we will flip his switch from off to on, set him on the floor out in the store, and watch him “frolick and run” around. Finding his way between clothing racks and around furniture, he has become our in house entertainment (aside from Leon’s constant comedy acts).

            On a more serious note, this past week, we have been richly blessed with many donations. This is definitely an answer of our prayers! Our housewares section has now been enlarged with more shelving and our furniture selections seem to be a living story of the oil that came low yet God did not let it run out. We have been abundantly blessed with an ample supply of clothing donations that seem to be avalanching from all piles accumulated.

            Continue to keep us in your prayers as we grow and learn how to serve others better

~Keisha and Rachel~

#missingChester #ForeverInOurHearts


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