Weekly DOH Thrift Store update

The Door of Hope Thrift Store can be an exciting place! As the weeks progress the volunteers often have many stories to tell, so we decided to have them summarize their time each week in a short update for you to read. Some weeks may be full of fun and others may need your prayers so stay updated by reading these post!

 Thrift store life is not just about receiving donations and then turning around and selling them. It is about so much more than that! It is about customer interaction, brightening someone’s day with a smile, having fun, and simply showing the love of God. 

            On saturday a van from Care Baptist Church, in Spartanburg, came by to donate housewares, books, and clothing that were left from a church yard sale. When they brought the donations, around six 12-16 year old boys were along; a very energetic, polite group of gentlemen.  As they were unloading the van they were joking around as the youth leaders were attempting to keep them from jumping into a small pile of clothing in the receiving hall. When they were ready to leave two of us thrifties were talking to the two youth leaders, they told us a little more about their church and youth programs. When they told us about the boys jumping into the clothing we mentioned that we have a partial semi trailer load of junk clothing, that they could jump in. We enlightened them that whenever we throw junk clothing into it that we do a bit (actually alot) of frolicing (aka, running and sailing through the air into a mound of clothing). The van left, but a few minutes later they came back into the store and asked Keisha if the boys could jump in the clothing. The whole group then came back to the trailer, the door was raised, and the boys went at it, jumping on the pile, throwing clothing around and covering the entire floor of the trailer. Races and wrestling matches were held, and a great amount of fun was had! Approximately thirty minutes later an exhausted group of boys piled into their van and left.

    “Somewhere deep inside, we all still long to chase butterflies, dance in flower beds, and sing to the stars.” (Or in our case, jump in clothing).

 –Rachel and Maria– Door of Hope Thrift store’s Greatest and Most loved employees. [Greatest beauties goes without mentioning:)]



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