Weekly DOH Thrift Store Update

Maria Maria, Dear Maria

The hills are alive with the sound of music…

            This past Friday, we said our “so long farewells” to our dear Maria as her six month term came to a close. Her loving, sweet self will be missed by all who had the pleasure of getting to know her. Maria contributed much to life at the thrift store and cabins. With her dry sense of humor and exuberant personality, she kept our thrifties’ hearts laughing.  Because of Maria’s caring heart and gift of hospitality, we spent many hours filled with one-on-one talks, delicious food shared, and being spoiled by her motherly care. More often than not Maria’s animated side would come out in creative ways. She was always on the verge of a rubber band war, water attack, imitation of voices, or a hardcore punch bug game.

            Maria will be returning to her home in Scranton, PA to work for her dad building fences and taking care of her sheep and cattle. With Maria’s heart for adventure and missions, we are so excited to see where all God will take this incredible woman. We feel so blessed that God granted us this time of crossing paths with her. Although, Maria is leaving the thrift store, we are forever changed because of the time she shared here. 

With Love,

Your fellow Thrifty Staff


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