Oregon TYBL Testimonies

The Oregon conference was held at Riverside Christian Fellowship in Peoria, Oregon. What a blessed time we had with the individuals who attended!

“This (conference) has been an answer to prayer for me. I feel God has led me to still waters and healed me in ways beyond what I could imagined or hoped for. With God’s help, I’m now a changed man, and I want it to show in my life.”

“I came this week ready to give up on Jesus, on my marriage, and life in general. I’m just so grateful to be reminded that Jesus’ love for me is more than I can comprehend! Praise Him!!!”

“This week changed my life! So many things opened up to me. I am right with God again, and I am FREE!!!”

“I believed all these lies, and thought that I was unworthy to God because of my past mistakes. I finally found freedom in knowing the Truth.”

“I have been given the gift of freedom!”

“I have greatly enjoyed this conference. I was feeling smothered by life and all the things that were happening in my life. I found peace with myself and God once again. I realized that I can be free from my past and my forefather’s past. I’ve found that God is my Father, not just a judge. I feel like I can go on now with life, and live.”

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