September – North Carolina TBYL Testimonies

I came this week feeling like there was a thick roof built over the life of God in my heart. I was shocked to discover how shut down I had become….very discouraged, and yet knowing faith and a vibrant life was somewhere buried underneath. I dealt especially with a deep rejection issue that was covered up by “okayness.” God has broken through this different times, but this week so many beautiful tools become very real to me.”

“We were at the spring conference, and I had the most wonderful summer of my life. God gave me a season of freedom, and then removed it through circumstances, to move me on to a new and deeper level of freedom this fall. Our God is an awesome God!”

“God did alot of unveiling, so He can get to the very center of my heart. Thanks for making conference a place where people can be honest and open. People need to know that what has happened to them matters, and they need to face their pain, and allow God to heal them for His purpose – the purpose of a more intimate relationship with Him.”

“Thank you for speaking on rejection. I never realized before that, because of past hurts and rejection, I was still afraid of that very thing, from my husband, from my mother, from my friends, etc. I am no longer afraid!”

“This week was a true blessing. It was challenging, but so fulfilling. I came here struggling in so many areas and looking to know God and feel His love. My prayer was answered! I have let go of so many strongholds through God’s grace, and have been able to experience what an intimate relationship with Christ feels like. I pray that I continue in strength and faith in Him, and that I can let Him shine through me to others.”

“This week I cam thinking that this is just another conference that wouldn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know, but by God’s grace, my eyes were opened to things in my life that greatly hindered my walk with God.”

“I’ve learned that I am beautiful because God created me, and He has and always has had dreams for my life, and I can have the freedom through Christ to be that woman He created me to be.”

“My week here has been as indescribable as God is! The healing I have experienced through Him is amazing. I was just feeling at the end of my rope and at the end of myself. I had tried everything to keep my head above water. My hope was that this week I would find healing, cast my fears on Him, and to diminish strongholds in my life. And I did that…PTL!”

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