Indiana TBYL Testimonies

“I came to this conference looking for the tools of the Christian life, and I have definitely found a lot of them! I thank God for your commitment to dig in and find answers for people that need help. I appreciated the emphasis on spiritual warfare that we face, as it is very easy to fight only what we see in the flesh.”

“God has been doing extensive work in my heart for the last two and a half years. I have had help to understand the Spirit of God and the spirits of Satan through various sources, one of those being through the ‘Take Back Your Life’ CD set given to me by a friend. My time here has been another big step on my journey. Thank you for not fearing man, but continuing to follow God’s leading to bring us these messages.”

“I have been blessed with God’s Truth in many areas. Multiple times I found myself thinking that ‘I can’t believe I am just now understanding this!’ The idea of agreements and generational iniquities both gripped me the most. The area that I feel most changed in is my desire to be a better father.”

“Coming to this conference has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in a very long time. I feel closer to God these past few days than I have in my entire life. God has worked in incredible ways through the speakers to break the chains that were binding me! Now I’m freeĀ  and ready for God to use me in whatever way possible.”

“Praise God! Jesus set me free in many areas of my life. I had no idea I had an agreement with Satan in so many ways with witchcraft….God revealed to me how to take these things to the foot of the cross!”

“Even though this is my third conference, there is always something new. It became more real to me how the enemy uses what we fear….I am not going to accept that fear any more.”

“I have been tremendously blessed during this conference to have seen God work through your ministry to change my life. Nearly all of the session’s have pointed out things I need to change, and all of them have helped prepare me to work through things that arise in my future, as well as relate with others better.”

“My spirit has been refreshed. My direction has been clarified and strengthened. My communication with God is more full and my understanding of His Word and principles has been enlightened.”

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