Take Back Your Life – North Carolina

What a great week with so many hungry, open hearts! God showed Himself so strong, as He always does, and many walked out the door on Friday with a new freedom and new life.

Here are some testimonies from the week:

I felt cold and hard when I got here, but I am leaving with feelings and a desire for God, and to grow in my relationship and trusting God and people.”

I came hoping for a renewing of the mind, and I believed I’ve received more! I have felt -not just felt, but SEEN- God work, and touch lives. His Spirit became real and alive! I’m excited to continue to TAKE BACK MY LIFE in God!”

“Today I sang, after many years of having no song.”

I felt a little nervous about coming here, but that was quickly put to rest by the excellent teaching and warm atmosphere. What a blessing to be here! I feel I now have tool I never had to live victoriously in my Christian life. Praise God!”


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