To Kill A Lion

Men cry out “I know its wrong, but why can’t I stop?”

Many of you who have attended Door of Hope’s Take Back Your Life conference may remember Bruce’s session on purity during the men’s session.

Now Bruce has released his book To Kill a Lion, teaching men how to get free of sexual lust at the root—in the heart.

To Kill a Lion is a journey to the control room where lust is conceived. The philosophy of the book is that uncontrollable lust, like any addiction, is a symptom of a deeper issue or issues—that overcoming sexual addiction is not just about changing what you do, but it is about transforming the heart. It means that men discover authentic maleness as designed by the Creator, and then align themselves with it.

This is freedom.

Within these pages men will learn the magnificent glory of being sexual along with the magnificent freedom of being pure. Through a straightforward, graphic look at the devices of the enemy, men will learn how lust works, where lustful strongholds and fetishes originate, and how to walk free of Satan’s sexual tyranny. Men will learn how to get free of law, behavior modification, and emotional wounds that drive lust, while discovering the freedom to truly desire purity more than lust. Bruce writes, “Before my journey began I didn’t believe that such a place existed—I felt hopelessly doomed to battle lust the rest of my life. But the Son set me free, and He wants to set men free everywhere. I have also written this book so that men will know how to set other men free.”

Order To Kill a Lion at, or at Bulk prices are available for men’s groups and book stores.

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