Sept./Oct. Conference Testimonies

Door of Hope was honored to hold two Take Back Your Life conferences in the past 2 months: one in September here in North Carolina, and one in Daviess County, Indiana in October. Both of these conferences were well attended, and many found freedom and deliverance! How exciting it is to see God’s children come alive!

“The last few weeks I had been dealing with alot of discouragement and couldn’t feel a close connection with God. This has been spiritually refreshing for me….there is so much darkness, and we need LIGHT!.”  -Indiana attendee

“I was blessed to be here and learn about God and realize that battle is real and is spiritual.” -Indiana attendee

“This week has been a tremendous blessing in my spiritual life. It touched my heart to be able to once again experience my Father’s love. I have just to reach out and experience His love. I didn’t realize how many strongholds I had, but I praise God for setting me free.” -Indiana attendee

“…I really had no idea spiritual warfare was this great, but I am very thankful that God gives us a greater Spirit to overcome.” -Indiana attendee

“…I got a new Daddy this week, and He’s crazy about me! What an amazing feeling!” -North Carolina attendee

“As a high school teacher, I see so much of a turn towards witchcraft/occult issues. There is so little guidance about demonic music, movies, and games. Alot of laws, but too little “heart” teaching…so I am blessed by your presenting the truth in such a balanced, non-threatening, yet bold, way…” -North Carolina attendee

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